Company follows Digital Lighthouse’s advice and bucks the trend by raising prices with brilliant results

At a time when price slashing is seen by many as the only way to keep afloat, the advice of Digital Lighthouse’s Founder Jonathan Jay to increase your prices may seem counter-intuitive, even crazy, but as company owner Roz Watkins has found, it is a sure-fire way to not only survive the recession but to accelerate your results.

Roz is the creator and founder of a unique weight-loss method ‘The Enlighten Programme’, a non-diet psychologically-based approach to shedding weight. When she attended a Digital Lighthouse event, she had been selling her home-study weight-loss programme for £97. “The home study programme was really just starting when I went along.”

She admits that Jonathan’s advice to ‘add more value and raise your prices was something she didn’t feel comfortable with at first, even though Jonathan pointed out that a weight loss programme that actually works without dieting, has got to be worth a lot!

“I was worried about it really. I couldn’t just put the price up and sell the same thing. I changed the appearance of the product, I replaced the original programme folder with something that looked a lot smarter and I added extra things like a wall chart and food diaries. I made it look really up-market. It also comes with unlimited email support now, so it is a good deal for clients. It’s very important to me to know that clients are getting good value.

“I also added a money-back guarantee which helps people make the decision to go for it. And everyone loves it so I haven’t had to give anyone their money back!

“I don’t think I would have had the guts to put the price up so quickly without Jonathan’s advice. But I thought, ‘I am just going to do what he says and give it a go.”

The result?

“People are buying it straight off the website ( without even speaking to me. Which is great.” The value-added product now sells for £245.

“People are just clicking the button and paying for it. Before it was £97 but it wasn’t as nice – it didn’t have the same folder and additional support material.”

And has anyone queried the increased price?

“I had one email the other day from a person who said, ‘It looks really good but I haven’t got any money. Can I just buy the CD?’ And I went back to her and said, ‘Yes, you can but I wouldn’t recommend it and I spelt out why and what she could do and then I gave her some options – ‘I have some of the original programmes that I’m offering at £75 or you can buy the manual and CD for £50 or just the CD for £20… She came back to me and said ‘I’ve decided to go for the full programme.’

“I’ve learnt from Jonathan that if a few people aren’t complaining about your price then maybe you are offering it too cheaply!”

The weight-loss programme is based on scientific and psychological principles (Roz did a Master’s degree in natural sciences at Cambridge University and is also a Master NLP Practitioner and a Master Hypnotherapist).

In fact, it was Digital Lighthouse’s adherence to measurable marketing results that prompted her to sign up for more advanced courses.

“I had read books on advertising and I’d always been very interested in tested advertising methods I guess it appealed to me because of my science background, testing one thing against another.

“I had seen Jonathan’s previous company and I was interested in how he used marketing so I thought I’ll go along to the Digital Lighthouse event and see what it was all about. By the end of the weekend it was obvious that Jonathan used a direct marketing approach and I guess that’s what attracted me to it really.”

She then signed up to become part of the Business Development Programme.

“Most of the marketing that I am doing now is due to Digital Lighthouse,” says Roz. “When I signed up for the Business Development Programme, I went out for lunch with Jonathan and we talked through my business and worked through a strategy and I’ve just been following that.

“I’m using teleseminars and I wouldn’t have got there for quite a while.

“I’m offering a free report in the adverts and I don’t think I would have thought of that.

“I’m using InfusionSoft (an email marketing programme) and that’s making a huge difference. I just don’t know how I’d be able to manage it without it and that was something I got from Digital Lighthouse – Jonathan recommended we use it. I was already with a newsletter provider but in no way could it do what InfusionSoft can do.”

She’s also just launched a high-end version of her weight loss programme. Called the ‘Enlighten Elite Programme,’ it costs £1,250 and includes on-going coaching support for six months. “Again that was something that Jonathan recommended. I knew I needed some sort of upsell and that’s it.

“If I had done it my old way, the more normal way, I would have probably been doing a lot more networking, meeting people. I would have got clients but it wouldn’t have been so scalable, so measurable.

“Take my last advert, for example: I spent £400 and it’s brought in £1000 already and I haven’t even done a teleseminar. I got 240 enquiries and they’re all now going through the process automatically and I’ve had four new clients just in the past few days so it’s beginning to come together. It has been a lot of work but by the end of it, I’ll be able to say, ‘Okay I spent £400 on an advert and it’s brought in £3,000 or whatever so therefore I can afford to do loads of adverts and scale it all up.’ It’s not involving huge amounts of my time (once it’s set up) like networking would have done.

“I’m making some changes to my website I’m going to have a mini-series about how to lose weight without dieting and have a prominent signup box for that on the home page. I’m starting to use Google AdWords to send traffic to a squeeze page which offers the mini-series. That is all a result of what I’ve learnt from Digital Lighthouse.”