From ‘information overload’, to business success

Like many business owners, Communications and Presentation expert Michael Trigg was suffering from ‘information overload’ – over a 10-year period, he’d spent many thousands of pounds on training programmes and courses but often ended up feeling overwhelmed rather than inspired.

“I’m very open to seminars. I’ve always seen them as an investment in my own development. In fact, I invest between 20 to 30 days a year attending them and have done so for the past 10 years.

I had got all this stuff from other seminars but I just hadn’t done anything. The more marketing seminars I did the more I just seemed to get overwhelmed with it all and I thought ‘Well, I would like somebody to make sense of all of this. I just can’t carry on with what I am doing.’ The Bunsen burner was turned up under my feet…

“And then I read that the Digital Lighthouse weekend was going to be about getting your business focussed. That’s what appealed to me: I wanted to take my business to another level so I went along for the weekend.

“I picked a lot up from that introductory weekend, lots of ‘how to’ information.

“Until about 18 months ago, I knew diddly squat about marketing. Before Digital Lighthouse, – I hadn’t been doing any marketing. Yet I’m probably one of the best in the country at what I do – I am an authority in what I do – but nobody knew about me apart from my clients. I was dimly aware of my marketing needs, but taking little or no action.”

Michael is the owner of Phoenix International, a coaching and training business which is a leading authority on presentation and pitching. His company shows clients how to transform the way they present, pitch, influence and engage. Although his company is very successful and already has international clients, Michael was keen to learn how to reach more businesses across the globe in the most effective way possible.

And what he learnt during the introductory weekend convinced him that Digital Lighthouse would give him the marketing expertise he needed to achieve his goals. In fact, it was the practical aspect of the weekend course plus the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching that persuaded him to sign up for the Platinum Plus Programme.

“There is more ‘how to’ with Digital Lighthouse and that’s what it’s all about. Jonathan Jay [Digital Lighthouse’s Managing Director] is the first guy that I actually wanted to invest money with to work one to one.

“There were a couple of things that persuaded me to make the investment with the Platinum Programme. First of all I like Jonathan’s demeanour and his enthusiasm. I watched how he actually focussed on each person who came up during that first weekend.

“I introduced myself to him afterwards to see if the chemistry was right, which it was, and he knew about my industry anyway which helped. I just thought ‘I can work with this guy ’.

“It’s been confirmed. When I see him at the monthly Platinum meetings he gives to everybody; his enthusiasm is tremendous.

“I value and appreciate his honesty: if he doesn’t know something, he’ll say so but there isn’t much he doesn’t know about marketing.

“He always comes up with something constructive and personal and takes the time to focus on whoever has the issue or the question or the challenge.

“Working with him one to one – it is pretty early days and we have only had two sessions – but he has been extremely helpful and he has given me the clarity as well as the motivation, the direction, and the momentum I needed. “I have implemented everything that he has suggested.

“At the first meeting, he suggested I write a book, which I have done. The content is finished and now it is being tidied up and edited by various colleagues.

“I have clarified my offer which will go on my website.

“At the moment, I’m busy working on the things he suggested at our second meeting – I’m re-designing my website content. I am going to bust a gut to have that done by my next meeting with Jonathan but I’ll do it.

“I do have a website but it was something I designed 10 years ago and the point then was really to have a presence on the web. It wasn’t bringing me any business at all because it wasn’t fit for purpose.

“Since attending that first Digital Lighthouse weekend, I’ve got video testimonials from my clients and I have put them on my site.

“I have adjusted the site and I know it is still not fit to purpose but it looks a hell of a lot better than it did before.

“I have a record of doing far too many seminars in the past and not taking action on them and this is the turning point.

“Jonathan has inspired me to focus. And it’s going to have a dramatic impact on my business – it should almost treble my turnover, transform my profile and allow me to be of value and service to the people who need what I do.”