Digital Lighthouse helped generate 350 leads from the public sector

Writing a book has helped consultant Rob Worth generate 350 leads in what can be a difficult and achingly slow-moving market to enter – the public sector.

Rob’s consultancy Worth Solutions provides public service organisations with what is known as ‘lean’ solutions – ways to improve their services and cut their costs. Lean means creating more value for customers (or patients) while minimising waste and using fewer resources.

Rob has gained a foothold in this sector in the past 12 months with the help he’s received from Digital Lighthouse.

He revamped his website and wrote articles but the Digital Lighthouse strategy that has had the biggest impact on his business is writing a book.

“Digital Lighthouse experts talked about writing a book and how it improves your credibility in your marketplace by demonstrating your knowledge. They also told us how to do it. I took action and wrote the book ‘Beat The Cuts – How To Improve Public Services And Easily Cut Costs’.

“It’s the most important thing I’ve done in terms of marketing my company,” says Rob. “It is the rock that the rest of my marketing rests upon. It has been a revelation. Last year, I gave one hour Master Classes at two conferences, and they generated 205 requests for the book. Of those 205 requests, 35 people ticked the box on the sign-up form to say they would like me to go and talk to them about how I could help their local authority or NHS Trust to improve their service and cut their costs.

“Now, 35 out of 205 may not seem many, but I’m not sure I even had 35 meetings during the previous five years I’d run the business. One morning I had an email from a woman who had requested the book but was worried because she hadn’t ticked the box to request a meeting with me. ‘Is it still possible to have the meeting with you?’ she asked. That’s amazing – people are worried about missing out on meeting with me.

“In the same month, my Google AdWords campaign – which I also learnt how to do from Digital Lighthouse – generated another 80 requests for the book. I spent £160 on that campaign which means each lead cost me about £2. That’s so amazing to me and it all came about from writing the book.”

Two years ago, Rob had been worried that work was “just dribbling in”. Back then, he relied on networking and referrals to bring him new business.

“I had many times when I was glad that the VAT quarter was drawing to a close because I knew I had made a loss and could therefore claim the VAT back. At times, I felt as if I was hitting my head on a glass wall, through which I could see all the opportunities that I was missing. I just didn’t know how to reach my market.”

Driven by his desire to help public services, he decided he needed help to reach the decision-makers in his market.

“Jonathan Jay [Digital Lighthouse’s Founder] had been sending me emails for a few years and some I’d read, some I hadn’t. However, one caught my attention and I signed up for a two-day marketing event.”

He quickly made the decision to join Digital Lighthouse’s Business Development Programme, believing it would give him the tools he needed to reach his market.

“The glass wall that I was banging on for so long has now shattered. I know that if I want another 350 leads, another 30 meetings, I can book a conference and I can do more Google AdWords campaigns and I’ll achieve it. People are coming to me now. My marketing is bringing people to me because they see that I have the expertise to help them. My next step now is to grow the business and bring in more consultants.”